Game of whores review

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Review for version 0. The girls look good, it has some nice slow corruption, and the art has gotten really good for things like dancing and waitress activities.

This game has that! Really, the worst part about this game is lack of content. But new usable outfits are always appreciated!

Game of whores review

I played through V. Good: Drawn cartoony chicks are decent looking. If you were looking for immersive game content or immersive sex game content, this game really doesn't have either of of those qualities. The title in its current form just doesn't have anything to merit recommending it. A chore to play. Essentially you just ping pong between Deneris, the second chick and the bartender, looking for one to have a quest.

If they don't? Grind more. Then grind cash for the outfit they want to move on. Then grind more. At no point did I ever see any sex in this game. Deneris has a blowjob and cunnilinguis scene, the other chick just sucks your dick.

They can both dance. Oh and the dick sucking? For one of them, not even shown. She just suddenly has cum on her lips and says it was fun. Now the obvious question is this: What and how do I grind? You grind A: Cash for costumes, game of whores review needed to progress. These are overpriced to pad the game length. B: Personal points for the chicks. This is boring as hell to grind. Literally just pick to visit garden or market and see the same seen like 30 times and one out of every 6 or so visits you see a vaguely lewd scene Danny has a tedious 'too many clicks' minigame during her visit to one of the areas, while the other is a money sink, so they're both extra grindy, oh boy.

C: The final stat: Slut points. The contentr is intentional. There's no harem here. That tag is wrong. Danny barely does anything with you and while the other chick DOES actually like you, you have to slut her out to see shit too.

The game is frustrating with its lack of any info on what to do yet simutaniously is just 3 rooms large with a 4th you can occasionally click to progress Its grindy as fuck It has little to no actual sex The girls, despite this being a 'harem', don't really show any loyalty to you But at the same time, if you get off on that, on them fucking behind your back, you never see that either It fails on both ends of the extreme, and doesn't even hit a happy medium, because there is so little actual content beyond the costumes.

Game of whores review

The only thing I can praise here is the art, and that's mostly nostaliga for the extremely blatant inspiration. There's a third chick but she's literally just spamming her singular action like 50 times to see 2 scenes and that's it character done. Interesting concept Great artwork As per the development progress, I feel there lack improvement to the scene, but feel good handed a short-first story.

There were first to come out the series, so can't judge more at this point. A really interresting game with some decent content so game of whores review. The graphics are really well done and the overall gamplay is satisfying.

However, a hint system could be a good addition because you sometimes keep grinding without really knowing where you are going. Pretty good game overall. The devs seem to be MIA currently which doesn't fill me confidence. The idea of a trainer-esque GOT game really appeals to me, but this doesn't fill the niche to the fullest currently. The couple of lewd scenes I've played were quite underwhelming. Progression is a good pace, but the payoff is not commensurate. Honestly took me untli now to finally come round to this game and i have to say ist actually awesome.

Even though i never watched GOT i could understand enough of the Story to not loose interest which for a porn game is a big compliment in my opinion and the artstyle is high Quality, with many cutscenes and pics so you dont get Blue Balls while playing through this game. All in all a surprisingly good game even for non GOT watchers and it has good length, so you wont be done with it after sessions. This, combined with the fact that it hase some fine pace with how and when it sprinkles ist H-Scenes makes this one of the best games i have played on here. What can I say? The new update is pretty Good.

The sex scene between Cersei and our Protagonist is excellent, the third stage of the competition leaves a bit to be desired would be better if you can change angleand the dialouge is superb.

Game of whores review

It does seem like old saves do not work on this, but it only took me a pinch over an hour to get to the new stuff from start. I am dissapointed that all the devs care about is money, but hey, thats capitalism for you. But who am I to complain?

Game of whores review

I am getting this game for free, and the only insight I offer is a review like this on a site where guaranteed 80 percent of people don't pay for the game. Thats cool though. I am looking forward to continuing where I left off in the game after my tanks refuel so to speak, and when 0. This was an excellent early birthday gift for me birthday is tomorrow. Thank you to Manitu, and all those that post here. See you for the next Update! This game has good amount of content and well drawn and deed scenes but the grind is real there grind for the characters and a money grind but the story and are are top tier definitely give it a play.

Game of whores review

Art is fantastic. It's the kind of game that I wouldn't want to play until it is finished as it is such high quality, wouldn't want to be teased any further! Hope your patreon does well. Keep it up! And I don't watch it. Especially because game of whores review no background music and the entire game is pure silence. So you have these characters I've never heard of making inside jokes I don't understand with no real gameplay - none of htem are likable, its just a clusterfuck.

They need to add in some music and speed up the intro sequence if they want me to change my rating because right now, this game is a waste of time that will bore you to sleep! The update is nice but not great considering I played the last version in august considering my last saves. What bothers me is that once again it's a team that take a loooong time between updates for a small amount. I don't often complain about that kind of things but I see people complaining over a dev like GreyInu for THEx that indeed delays his updates but in the end brings much more content in a smaller amount of time.

I'm not a patron of Grey because I prefere to give to pretty unknown devs that don't make really much instead of bigger devs even if I really like THEx but this is the last time before a long time I patron Manitu. The game is good but I don't like devs that takes so much time for an update that small. Showing all items. Top Bottom.

Game of whores review

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