Games like trials in tainted space

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Corruption of Champions is a game many will never forget. The game is set in the fantasy magic world and packed with action and adventure that will make you sit unknowingly, on the edge of your chair while playing. What about the storyline? You will live among villages as a simple person. But that does not elude you from taking part in the action.

Games like trials in tainted space

The village usually selects warriors that help to fight against and repel enemy attacks. Children go missing, and diverse evil deeds occur here and there. Corruption of Champions is a game worth playing. But one will eventually get tired of playing repeated, someday. So before getting to that point or if you are already started looking for best Corruption of Champions alternativesthese are the games to try out.

The kingdom of Loathing is a turn-based game and a remarkable Corruption of Champions alternative in every aspect. At the start of this awesome game, you will have the opportunity to customize the character you intend using. And excitingly, you also get to choose your preferred gender and class of character. Plus if you have the mind to try the game, hurry now because the of KoL players is increasing by the day.

Games like trials in tainted space

The KoL comes packed with adventure; you will engage in numerous tasks, and take out many enemies in the village. Flexible Survival is an addictive game that will make you forget that Corruption of Champions ever existed. But you must be of legal adult age to play the game. However, the simple reason for this is the adult content in the game.

So if you are not within the stipulated age, please find another alternative or exercise some patience. However, Flexible Survival is a bit similar to Corruption of Champions and falls games like trials in tainted space the text-based flash game category. One of the requirements is for you to stay normal even in the wake of the virus outbreak. You must try hard to keep your sanity until military personnel arrives.

But have in mind that you will encounter erotic scenes while playing. That is why before using the site, one has to be above 18 years of age. Individuals who are less than 18 years are not allowed to access the game. But besides that, the game is worth playing.

The combat is almost similar to that of Witcher series which those who have had the privilege of playing it would easily identify. You can modify the character of the game in diverse ways to suit your desire. The storyline of the game is also impressive. Plus you will find many new scenes to explore.

Another exciting thing you will discover about the game is the ability to make enemies do your bidding. You can seduce your enemies and cause them to move in the same direction as you. If you want to experience the real magic and fun of classic text adventures, then play Cypher.

You will not only fall in love with the sound of this game but the appeal of the graphics. But there is a difference between this game and the Corruption of Champions, including others on this list, which is about erotic scenes. In Cypher, the focus is on the text part. The curiosities in NeoSushi City, a place which this awesome game is set on, are many.

Games like trials in tainted space

Plus there are so many places for you to explore. You will have the pleasure of visiting a Capsule Hotel featuring a talking elevator, the first the world has ever had. If you want to enjoy a whole new adventure of text-based games, then try Cypher. The game itself is developed by the same team and company Fenoxo that created CoC. And judging by the standards of the game, Trials in Tainted Space is one of the most played text-based Role Play Game compared to others on this list.

Every action might have an equal and opposite reaction, and that you will discover when you start playing Fallen London. This game is packed with action and is one of the best browser games of the century. Plus the storyline and the soundtrack make the game more inviting. In Fallen London, you will have the chance of choosing from four stats which you can improve on as you begin your journey.

They include the Dangerous Intimidation and fighting prowessPersuasive wit and charmWatchful mental acumen and perception and finally, Shadowy cunning and stealth. You can also explore any path you like, and in any order. But the good thing is that you will gradually learn new things about the world you find yourself games like trials in tainted space uncover deep secrets as you continue your quest. Fallen London is undoubtedly one of the Corruption of Champions alternatives to try out.

The Fall of Eden is one of the many CoC alternatives that will make you forget about the experiences and fun you had while playing Corruption of Champions. Both games have very similar gameplay and provide lo games like trials in tainted space adventure and engagements that will keep you stunned at the edge of your seat throughout the action.

You will be in a supernatural-themed arena, fighting and terminating demons. But please, do it with all your heart, as you will be doing the human race a favor by taking those raging monsters out. Your journey usually begins in an abandoned home.

You should also prepare your mind to encounter erotic scenes and try to keep yourself safe while exploring and interacting. Find out from this text-based slave management game. But you have to decide if you are comfortable and of legal age to view adult contents.

As the name implies, Free Cities offer tons of graphics contents and encounters for free. In other words, you will witness several erotic scenes while playing. In this game, you can embark on diverse tasks such as buying, selling, training, managing slaves and so on. But the only thing of concern is regarding customization option.

You cannot customize the characters of this game. On the other hand, Free City is also a browser-based game meaning you can only play online. The point is the game can provide you with the same excitement and engagements, almost identical to what you experienced while playing Corruptions of Champions. However, you have to be in the required legal age to view adult content. The game has erotic scenes that are quite entertaining, at least for those of legal age. But besides this, the game offers stunning adventure you will surely enjoy. The environment of the game features a medieval world in which you are just a young girl.

Also, to play Gift of Phallius, you need to download straight to your device, as it is not a browser-based game as some others on this list. My Very Own Lith is a stunning game that requires a flash player to access. You can play on your computer system meaning there is no need to download massive files on your system. The game is a well-built browser-based game filled with tons of excitement and adventure. The game allows you various options to communicate with the lith such as talking, seduction, taking off clothes, looking and more. The Lith according to the game is a shy cat that has its basic needs.

One of the requirements is to have a friend. But behind establishing a relationship with the Lith, there is a deep secret you need to uncover. Your role as the player is to act as the Lith too. This text-based game is still one of the best on this list. And like most of the other gameplay, you will encounter erotic scenes on The Poor Whore too. But the numerous adventure in the game is the reason the game remains one of the very best CoC alternatives.

You will have to interact with diverse characters, and take up various quests as you tour the world. It feels great to find your character progress to the next stage. The Poor Whore runs on Windows devices. But unlike a couple of games on this list, you would have to download the game to play. In other words, it is not a browser-based game like a couple of others on the list. And also get ready to encounter various erotic scenes. The first thing that makes Anchorhead unique is its compatibility with numerous devices.

The game is enjoyable to play and would offer you some horror fantasy. Oh yes, your text quest begins in a dark world where your mission would be to prevent some form of historical events from taking place. Having the power and courage to prevent ugly events from happening would surely feel awesome.

Your quest will be to travel through a world and overcome the trials you encounter on the way. In other words, you will confront demons, magical powers, and mate on your journey. It is a game you will be proud to play, and can even cause you to forget CoC. These Corruption of Champions alternatives are exciting games to play.

Games like trials in tainted space

You will not even remember CoC when you start playing them for a while. Although they might feature a few erotic scenes, both the excitement and engagements are the primary reason they are an incredible alternative to CoC. So here you have it, the 13 best similar games like Corruption of Champions worth trying. Otega is a tech enthusiast and passionate writer.

Games like trials in tainted space

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Games like trials in tainted space

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8 Best Games like Corruption of Champions (CoC)You Must Play