Lustful desires game

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Log in with itch. I can't seem to be able to do Logan's quests he won't accept them or say I don't lustful desires game enough. Help please. There are two kinds of wood, one when leaving your house and another expropriating the forest, the one that he asks for is that of the forest. Would be fun to see the different text for each with different npcs, unless there's already a way to decrease ie go from skilled to beginner again.

Hey ya'll I'm having an issue here, I can't seem to start the "Subjugation of Libido" quest from Othra. I need to learn how to make Strong restrain potions in order to take the task. I already used the guide to make them but it still wont work. Where can I "officially" learn the recipe? She normally teaches you how to make strong restrain potions when she gives the quest if you already know the normal restrain potion you learn after taking Bernards quest.

Lustful desires game

The problem I'm facing is that I can't beat him at all. I can't tease the other wolves and they're doing way too much damage than I can keep up with. I'm around level 8, I believe. I'm not sure how to progress pass this part. Hi, this comment isn't useful in the slightest. If I'm underleveled that would make sense, but what you said doesn't give any insight as to how it's easy. A more useful comment would be to: "Use X, Y, or Z".

You might be under-leveled, but you can use potions and cookies to boost your stats during the fight. Bring plenty of healing and restraint potions, too. Use lust potion if you're so inclined. The strong variant potions are better. Good luck. Try loading up on health potions, they really help out in long fights. If that doesn't help, you could try and lustful desires game different armor or weapons, or do side quests to gain some levels. If none of that works, you could try some rarer consumables like lust potions or bombs. Good luck! OH sorry im not a native speaker English isn't my main language thank you for clarifying, I feel dumb lol.

Lustful desires game

Meaning, they're still working on it so it's not finished therefore it's not in the game yet. WAIT, do I need to remove clothes and walk in town naked for my bitch rep to be up? Okay now I did like almost everything what you can do in this Game so lemme reviw it a bit. First of all thank you for this game cause its so good, like yes there are some grammar mistakes but you can overlook them English is not his first language just like me lol as far as I know so its completely okay.

They are cute well written are so good drawn have actual Characteristics Do you say it like that Idk lol and are so funny like some conversations make me giggle so much. There are so many Characters already and I love them all. Its really good and so nice The teasing feature is so cute like you dont even have to fight some creatures sometimes, stunning and the interface of it looks really good. It might get a bit boring but thats okay. I love it when other Characters fight lustful desires game the mc because of a quest or because of some other stuff its cute.

Now the Gathering system is nice but I sometimes forget the places were i can get my Materials lol. I also love all places where you can gather stuff they look good. I love the way all quests are written, there are small quests for example hunt 5 wolves or give me 5 health poitons and there are big quests wich are more about the Lustful desires game and the world you are in I also wanna say that I really Love the way the Quests are written.

Okay now the realtionship between the Characters and the mc is so well written it feels real. I love the way how you can make different Characters like you its so cute. I like the way the Characters interact with the mc its seems real and not strange. The game is good, well written, well drawn the world building is great so far, all visitable places look good, all quests are cute, Characters are nice and well written Have I already mentioned how good everything is written?

But i have some criticism its about the caves where you can move around example succubus cave you should decide on the way you wanna move the character like there are different ways you can move him in the different cave areas U either use wasd to move or just click on the text wich says "move to the left, down,up,right" I hope you know what i mean I prefer the wasd way.

Lustful desires game

But all in all its a really nice game and you should support the creator if ou can uh and play the game cause as I said its soooooo good. Have i already mentoned how good the game is? I am so hyped for future updates. Thanks to all the people who are involved with this game art stuff etc. Btw I dont have the patreon so the thing with the caves might be already changed. I just finished the country road Quest and I can't lustful desires game out how to find Logan in farmstead. Can anybody help me? I've finished the werewolf event and startet the expansion of Bareshade.

I built the palisades, but now the dialogue to initiate the lustful desires game doesn't show up. The questlog says to talk to Bernhard, but there isn't any useful option neither during the day nor the night. Did I forget something? How do take Roushk back to the prison? I maxed out the lustful desires game upgrades and I've been using the reptile lures. Use 5 Reptile Lures during the fight for a guaranteed capture, once you win, you'll be able to take him to your dungeon prison automatically, there'll be text saying as much on the screen.

I'm hella stoked for this new update! UI updates take a lot of time and effort, and man, I can't wait to finally download and play it so I can see all the items myself! Well i decided to take a time from the game and wait for the v30 update Also patrons have a little bit of advantage if they want to have so I didn't fell to much the "loss of the save files".

Also I found really cool that one thing that I suggest was changed dunno if other suggested too that was a part with tar being that was a bit confusing like the dialogue box when the creature restrains you just jumped for the "just let them bred you" dialogue if u wait until ur lust bar filed Also I really hope in future we can have a bathroom to take baths or maybe swim in the lakes?

Really want to ask for more mpreg scenes that could also be added to female characters I guess? Anyway all in all I want to thankkk all the people who where involved hyao, the person in charge for the android build, the person in charge for the illustration, etc. This is an amazing game. Now you can see characters and the words at the same time, it makse the conversation more vivid. Bareshade has its own map, now if you want to pay a visit to the tavern, just tap on the map. But when you are outside the store, your menu bar is not visable.

Things in your bag will have their own icon, but in 0. I mean, I think it's a good update but Besides the font size is too small. A reset button has been added to the UI of making potion but the new UI is very very clumsy, each material has its own icon and like I just have mentioned most of them are "? I prefer the old UI. The time you need to travel to somewhere else is doubled. Please, can anyone please tell me I'm wrong, there are something I should do before sneaking in orc's camp, there are orc's lure to tame those sexy orcs. Hi recently started playing the game and I love it.

I was wondering, what does it mean with the corruption path anyways? Are there more benefits like the characters liking or loving you more? Take the lumberjack for instance, according to the guide, he can either be a bottom or "normal", does he love you or like you more on the corrupt way or the noncorrupt, or are there equal opportunities either way? Is Nauxus or at least other characters like that coming in as a crossover again?

Lustful desires game

I also believe that the guide needs to be updated either way, especially for the character tabs. Oki so the benefits of multiple relationships is just special events for the characters for now, and the corrupted vs normal routes you don't get to have the lustful desires game fall in love with you if you chose the corrupted route. Logan doesn't gain hearts and only wants to screw around. With Roushk and Rhot the corrupted route Roushk is insane and Rhot is fighting it and you with everything he's got.

Then the crossover characters is not very likely as I think it was a one time thing, but maybe because like half of every person who played this has asked about another crossover I think it's got a possibility. Not a big one but maybe. Then the guide does need to be updated due to it being a bit out dated, I was working on posting a every event guide but Jesus Christ that took like half an hour to write around 20 events and that barely scratched the surface Hi, Bob!

Do you play the game in pc or android? Is this the 0. I playing now the 0.

Lustful desires game

Had to restarted all over again. But never can make this underground pat from the cripts lustful desires game northcrest. Do you remember how you get this connection? What accessorys do you use to explore the underground? Also, I completed the road the contry road event but after a fells days I cant acces the ste's farm only trough the tunnels. Hi Bob. About the farmstead. I made it to the farm. I completed the country road event, and built the road. But after some time I was unable to access the road again, now I am back to using the tunnels.

Even after completing the event, the road layout did not appear on the map, as it appears on your. I don't mind starting over, it will let me try a different stat approach! Love the game Hyao! Hope life gets easier for you! Thanks so much for this amazing game! I hope HYAO will figure out how to keep our save data whit-in version 3.

Lustful desires game

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