X ray goggles game

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Despite its extremely simple de, it is one of the most popular games in Newgrounds history. A scene from the game. Note how the glasses are being used on the woman on the left. The game is extremely simple. The player is offered a pair of X-Ray glasses by a Gypsy Man. If the player refuses, they are killed. If they accept, they get the chance to explore their surrounding environment. There are four scenes to look at, each with multiple people.

By hovering the mouse over different people, their bodies beneath their clothing are revealed, including genitalia. However, if the player looks at the Gypsy man's penis with the glasses, he will kill the player in retaliation, however if the player holds the mouse button while hovering on the gypsy, his genitalia can be revealed as well. Humans are portrayed with realistic figures and proportions, and a fair amount of action occurs in x ray goggles game background.

The game features a music loop, sound effects, and even genuine voice acting. Despite the game's simplicity, it is one of the most viewed submissions in Newgrounds history. As of Januaryit has over The game also won a Daily Feature, and has a respectable review average of 8.

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X ray goggles game

Cooties Bar X-Ray Glasses. Edit source History Talk 0. De [ ] The game is extremely simple. Reception [ ] Despite the game's simplicity, it is one of the most viewed submissions in Newgrounds history. Flash games Adult Games Add category.

X ray goggles game

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X ray goggles game X ray goggles game

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X Ray Glasses Game